We will be hosting a 2 days workshop at our sister Corps in Nanaimo BC on the impacts of trauma on brain development and the need for nurture and connection. This live simulcast conference is great for anyone who works with children in any capacity or those wishing to relate this to understanding trauma in adults. The conference is especially applicable to adoptive and foster families or those working with kids from hard places, but anyone can benefit from this great material. The conference will be held at 505 Eighth St. Nanaimo (Salvation Army Church) from 9am-5pm both days. Tickets are $30/person or $40 at the door. Lunch is not provided. To register, please go to…..

For more information on this event contact Brandalyn at the administration office or via email at brandalyn_musial@nullcan.salvationarmy.org

For more information on the Empowered to Connect conference and course material please visit empoweredtoconnect.org and https://child.tcu.edu/about-us/tbri/#sthash.PwpI6FMl.dpbs or watch the following youtube video: