Maybe you’ve heard it as well, experts have started saying that if we want to effectively address issues like the fentanyl crisis in our communities, we need to start addressing trauma. Trauma ca be defined as life experiences that are deeply distressing or disturbing to and individual. Trauma that has not been effectively addressed in an individual’s life becomes “unresolved trauma” which leads to a host of physical and psychological effects, often including increased risk of addiction, homelessness, heart disease, cancer, feelings of fear, suffering, hopelessness and desperation which can drive people to use addictive substances to ease the pain. But with the support of consistent, safe, loving relationships, people can work through the stories of their pasts and find healing and healthy coping strategies. This is where we come in. Each one of us can become agents of change for the future by investing in the healing and protection of our current and upcoming generations. Since learning about the connections between childhood trauma and the lifelong implications of these traumas that we witness around us every day, our Ministry Unit has been committed to providing community training on the impacts of childhood trauma. Since 2017 we have hosted the Empowered to Connect Conference Simulcast each April which identifies how adverse childhood experiences (traumas) impact children’s brains, bodies, development and belief systems into adulthood and how we can be agents of change in the lives of children (or adults) who have experienced trauma if we are equipped with the right tools. We have been excited to partner with other churches and organizations including the Foster Parent Support Services Society to bring this important training to more communities on Vancouver Island each year.

If you would like to have a better understanding of how trauma impacts the lives of children and adults and how you can be better equipped to support those dealing with troubled pasts, we encourage you to consider attending the 2019 Empowered to Connect Conference Replay which will be hosted at the Nanaimo Salvation Army Church (505 Eighth St. Nanaimo) from 9am-5pm both on Thursday April 25 and Friday April 26th. Tickets are $25/person. Lunch is not provided. To register, please go to

Although the training is focused on working with children, the principles and foundational understanding are broadly applicable to every age and stage. For more information on this event contact Brandalyn via email at