Pathway of Hope

Millions of Canadians are currently living in poverty and becoming increasingly vulnerable.  Many people who are living in poverty often move from crisis to crisis and remain vulnerable.  Pathway of Hope is a strength-based case management approach to providing targeted services to those who have a desire to take action and break the cycle of crisis and vulnerability.


Through Pathway of Hope, we look at identifying and addressing the root cause of issues facing those who are living in poverty.  We focus on individualized supports for participants to achieve both short- and long-term goals, to design a plan around your individual goals, needs and strengths. The approach has been developed for The Salvation Army and is rooted in integrated mission using partnership and intentional care to build and transform community.


Through your involvement with Pathway of Hope you will be introduced to both The Salvation Army as well as other services available in our community.


If you are ready to take action to improve your future and can commit to a weekly meeting with our case worker, we can help you navigate the challenges on your journey to build a stronger future.

For more information on how we can help support your journey down the path to a better future

Contact the Food Bank at 250-248-8793 or our Admin Office at 250-248-8794