It has been a few years since our team here in Oceanside has participated in the Canada Day celebrations. This year we decided to change that.

We started small, a handful of fun loving and dedicated staff and volunteers, walking alongside two of our service vans. We managed to acquire a few hundred (300 to be exact) suckers to hand out to the kids, some even with bags ready for all the treats! Clearly we underestimated the number of people who would turn up for the parade! We ran out very quickly and were shown up by the team from Thrifty foods with shopping carts full of boxes of suckers, being given out by the handful! I was told a number in the 1000’s was to be given out!
It was such a fun filled day and was so great to see the community support our small little city can provide, with a crowd covering around 2km of roadway, on both sides!
We will be back next year, with more candy, more decorations and hopefully more lovely team mates to join in the walk!